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How tall is the SkyWheel?

The SkyWheel is 187 feet tall or about 20 stories.

When did the SkyWheel open?

The SkyWheel opened on September 7, 2018.

When does the SkyWheel Operate?

The SkyWheel operating hours vary and is typically closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The SkyWheel may close without notice due to weather or maintenance circumstances.

Where can tickets be purchased?

Tickets can be purchased online or in the SkyWheel lobby. 

How long is the flight?

A flight includes 3-4 revolutions and lasts roughly 10-15 minutes. 

Do you shut down for weather?

Our operators monitor the weather closely and may close the wheel if winds are sustained above 35 mph, or if the lightning is within a 5-mile radius of the wheel.

The ropes course will close if lightning is within a 10-mile radius.  

Is the SkyWheel fully accessible?

YES! All of our gondolas are fully accessible with the exception of the VIP. We can accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, walkers, etc. 

Why are there so many empty gondolas, but you still have people in line to ride?

You may notice that some gondolas stay empty during a flight even tough people are waiting in line to ride the wheel. This is because, in order to operate the wheel in a safe manner, it must always maintain proper balance. 

Is there a weight limit to ride the wheel?

There is no weight limit per person. Each gondola can hold up to 1,300 pounds. 

How many people can fit in one gondola?

A maximum of 6 people can fit in each gondola. 

Can we request a private gondola for just our party?

We never put strangers together in a gondola. Each time you ride, it is only with your group. 

What is the temperature inside the gondola?

The gondolas are heated and cooled to always be a comfortable temperature no matter the temperature outside. 

What happens if I need to get off while the wheel is in motion?

In the event of an emergency, all gondolas are equipped with a call button. If a passenger needs to get off, they simply push the button and the operator will bring them down to the unloading area as quickly as possible. 

Is there anything else to do at the SkyWheel?

YES! We offer a full family fun entertainment venue with not just the Skywheel, but also a towering high Ropes Course with zipline (SkyTrail & SkyRail). We also have a ropes course designed for our tiny daredevils (under 48” tall). There is also an 18-hole miniature golf course, and don’t forget to visit our full-service Snack Shack which offers tasty treats and cool drinks to satisfy any craving! 


At this time, we are taking proactive steps to maintain a safe environment by encouraging practices to protect the health of our guests as well as our onsite crew. We are closely monitoring the CDC guidelines and recommendations to ensure our team is prepared. For any additional information on the most up to date preparations, feel free to call (850)888-0020 ext. 303 to speak directly to our management team or visit our COVID-19 Safety Efforts Page


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